Our Process

The ProcessTextile Production

From fabric milling, to production, to the finest detailing of each product, we take pride in the quality of our garments and are involved in the process every step of the way. We use organic cotton sourced in North America to minimize our footprint, and we work closely with our Canadian knitter to develop only the best, most durable textiles that suit our needs. From selecting the finest pantones, to choosing the best weight and finish for each garment, developing our fabrics from scratch gives us the freedom to create our own premium signature products.

Garment Production

Our in-house sewing team has the power of unlimited creative freedom that lets us customize our garments without compromise. We have the ability to make almost anything we want, which allows us to produce smaller batches and effectively limit production to always keep our styles fresh. This ensures we stay in the forefront of working with new textiles and fabrication techniques to constantly create innovative styles that keep The Escape Movement products cutting-edge, fresh and exciting.

Garment Detailing

Detailing is the final step of the process. We detail our garments in house to retain complete control over the quality and outcome of our designs. We work carefully so that each and every one of our products conform to our standards, ensuring our garments have a soft finish for maximum comfort and durability to perform in the real world. Our in-house team is comprised of local talent that keeps us engaged with and supportive of our community, allowing us to take pride in the knowledge that we are doing our part to make clothing in the way that people want and in the styles that they love.


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