History of The Escape Movement

Winter 2009. I found myself in Whistler BC, a dream destination of mine for nearly a decade. 2009 happened to be the driest winter season Whistler had seen in 50 years and the mountain was in terrible shape. Because of the lack of snow, and the poor state of the economy what was normally a prosperous village in the winter was now struggling to stay open. There were massive lay offs and I could not find work. I spent three months in Whistler until I had no more money and had to return home.

While I was there and with all of the excess time on my hands I learned a very important lesson, and that was that time is more valuable then money, Also, that doing what you want with your life and chasing your dreams is the most important thing you can do. When I returned home I felt very passionate about keeping a simple life an wanted to encourage more people to chase their dreams, or at least take some time every day to ESCAPE.

Hopefully The Escape Movement can have a positive influence and remind everyone that The World Is Yours, so do what you want to do an live life to the fullest.



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