First Blog and New Escape Movement Line

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Well it is finally here... the new 2011 Escape Movement Summer/Spring line is released.  Everything looks great and fits everyone style from small v, deep v, unreal sweater v shirts and also regular tee's with simple yet great designs.  Andy Mo, congrats on the line, everything just keeps getting better and better and your eye for design is purely unique.

On a side note, it is that time of year for us when the snowboard season is ending and we are quite sad but also excited for the skateboard season to begin.  Only crappy thing about this time of year is school exams and unpredictable weather that goes from warm days to pure cold rainy snowy days.  Hopefully this line of Escape has brightened your day as it did mine.  Spread the word on the Escape Movement and lets get ready for summer skating and day patio beers of pure relaxation after school is finally done for another year.


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