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On Sunday, April 10, 2011

The day before sunday I had noticed on Lake Nipissing some open water near the boat launch right by Amelia Park. Later that night I mentioned to my friend Ross Paul that we should drop the canoe in for a couple laps. He agreed before being up a valid point, because it was the one area of open water among a otherwise frozen lake that all the garbage left from the ice fishing season would collect in that opening of water. I was shocked i hadn't thought of this myself and quickly said "let's bring a couple garbage bags and clean up the garbage". Ross agreed quickly, it was perfect timing seeings all the gabage was concentrated in one main location. Ross and I filled our entire canoe with garbage for the better portion of the day and then disposed of it. 2 needles, 4 balls, road blocks (from city workers), a table top, countless bottles and cans and countless plastic rappers not including what we picked up on shore. It was rewarding to say the lest. As the youth of our generation, we have to make a diffrence, we need change. It feels good to do good.

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