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Hey Guys ,

My buddy Dave Myers sent me this video and I decided to make my first post about something I enjoy doing and am fortunate enough to do with my position in the Action Sport Industry.


  I have been involved in the snowboard industry for the last 10 years. I have been an instructor, coach and I have worked for a couple companies doing on hill marketing and other fun stuff.  The last 4 years I have worked for Ride Snowboards, which has been an amazing. I have been to many events from international contests with pro riders to local contests allowing the up and comers to shine. Luckily my job with Ride Snowboards I was introduced to a little event in Orangeville  behind there local hockey arena. It was a free event organized by Skate Orangville and it was open to anyone in the community. It was an amazing reminder of why I started snowboarding in the first place. As you know the sport is not the cheapest in the world. The event let kids who've never gotten the chance to enjoy the freeing feeling  of sliding down a hill on a board. There were so many smiles all day from all ages and for all reasons.


  There were two memories that stick out in my mind. First was when all of the experienced riders stopped shredding so that a kid no older then 9 could hit  his first rail, He may not have stomped it but the joy that overcame him from actually stepping up was unbelievable, Ride was fortunate to give out some product at his event, not for best trick or best run but for people who deserve it, we forget how privileged  we are to enjoy this sport. We gave a pair of bindings to a kid whose mother through out his because his mom thought they were to dirty and we gave a board to a kid we believed be shredded hard all day and made sure every when around him was just as stoked as he was.  There expression of gratitude towards us was a great reminder on what the sport of snowboarding is all about. So If you are in the opportunity to give something back, be it knowledge, running an event or just getting people stoked DO IT!!!! Trust me there is no other better feeling.

Unfortunately this year weather prevented from the event from happening. Just looking forward till next year!!!

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Make Someone Smile Today!!!



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