Early Preseason Training, Europe Trip, and Concussion

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Its been a while since Ive written a blog post!  (Almost) three full camps have passed since the last one. I tried to do daily pictures, but that didnt really work out, lack of internet on trips makes it hard to upload photos when being so busy.

This is my first season being a member on the Canadian team. Heading into Chile, I really had no clue what to expect because Ive never been that south before. Being on snow September 3rd really felt different. Last year I thought being on snow in November was early, but this was unreal. While in Chile, it was about 90% sunny and only a few days were foggy. The altitude is very high there, skiing at about 12,000 feet above sea level and 11,000 where you sleep. Staying hydrated is key when training in altitude especially for three weeks. The Chile camp was geared towards Giant Slalom training while slowly changing over to slalom to get ready for Saas-Fee, Switzerland. I had about two and a half weeks at home before heading to Europe.

The journey over to Saas-Fee was crazy. From the start I had to get my flights rebooked because of plane problems. I was originally supposed to leave from North Bay > Toronto > Geneva, Switzerland (while meeting the team in Toronto), however, I was rebooked from North Bay > Toronto > Frankfurt > Geneva. This meant I couldnt meet with the team in Toronto (or Geneva because it was later) so I had to take a train from Geneva to Visp and then get one of my coaches to pick me up there. This whole time I didnt have any cell phone service in Europe, so I had to find a pay phone to get in contact with one of my coaches.. Anyway, I AM STILL ALIVE! Haha.

Saas-Fee was also awesome to see, slalom is my least favorite event however when we have a block of one discipline it makes it a lot easier then switching back and forth from slalom to another event. At the end of the trip, teammates Kirk Schornstein, Braydon Luscombe, and myself went to Germany for six days. I unfortunately got food poisoning the first day but all in all it was an awesome trip!

Finally, I just returned from Nakiska, Alberta. Unfortunately I have a concussion from the first day of slalom training and am resting at home. Currently the team is now in Panorama training speed which is the main reason why I am not skiing; if I do fall in speed training the concussion can be much worse. I am recovering and getting ready for our first Noram races held at Copper Mountain, CO. Looking forward to getting back on snow!

Ill try to update the blog more often! To see more posts, and pictures, head on over to mikewhitney.ca

Stay tuned!

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