Miley Tweets Raunchy Photo; Coldplay's Reaction - Change Lyrics To Song

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In reaction to Miley's latest Instagram/Twitter post Coldplay has announced that they will be changing the chorus to their song 'Don't Panic'. The song, off their 2000 release Parachutes, is often referred to as 'Beautiful World' due to the songs chorus; 'we live in a beautiful world'. The song 'Don't Panic' will now feature the new chorus "We live in a sexualized world". When asked about the sudden change a spokesperson for the band responded with this statement: "Overwhelmed by the exceeding amount of ludicrous sexualized behaviour in today's music industry, the band has decided to change the lyrics to the song Don't Panic… The chorus of the song has now been modified to; "we live in a sexualized world." The band has also gone back to referring to the song by its original title 'Panic'. In a separate interview Chris Martin went on to state, "Miley's latest viral post was the breaking point for us (Coldplay)… Someone had to stand up and make a statement for the (music) industry…We just couldn't bare to see it (the music industry) get any worse and had to do something to try to make a differnce… We chose to express ourselves, like we always have, through our music" Coldplay has received overwhelming support from their fans for their decision. Rumours have also surfaced that other musicians are considering this a call to action and there are reports that other songs may soon see similar changes. When asked about the decision Martin said, "It comes from our heart, and we truly hope to shed some light on this issue and hope to create a brighter future for the (music) industry." Update: Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo announces support for Coldplay by renaming of their hit song "Beautiful World" to "Disgraceful World"

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