The Escape Movement x Increase Frequency

The Escape Movement x Increase Frequency

December 04, 2016

Phoebe, what inspired you to start Increase Frequency? 
I needed to create clothing that I FEEL good in! Clothing that is from nature and cruelty-free! Clothing that is made by people who are family, who get to do what they love! High vibin' clothing that is SUPER soft, comfy, unique, everyone can find a piece they love and is cool as heck! We are moving into a higher frequency, a happier  frequency, a frequency of love and I feel our line reflects this. 
Why have you chosen to use bamboo fabric?
Bamboo is a sustainable gift to our Earth to be used with gratitude to help us heal. (Did you know bamboo is actually a grass and can grow up to one meter overnight!) 
Why made locally?
Having our clothing made locally means we get to be hands on during the process. We become family with who is milling our fabric, who is printing our fabric, who is cutting, sewing and creating our clothing! Made locally means we are working as a team, we share the same vision and are supporting one another.
What do you mean when you say the product is eco and animal friendly?​
Increase Frequency chooses to use sustainable plant fibers wherever possible. You will not find fur, leather, wool, silk or feathers in our clothing. We do realize that creating clothing, no matter how conscious, does leave a mark on the environment and we will continue to use care when creating and transporting our pieces.  
Where did the ​name Increase Frequency come from?
Nahko and Medicine For The People’s song “Budding Trees” – The first time I heard Nahko sing,  “…time to increase my frequency” ding! – it was like my mind opened to the heavens and “CREATE A CONSCIOUS CLOTHING LINE AND NAME IT INCREASE FREQUENCY!” dropped in. This was 2 years ago.
What inspired the all-over print?
The walls inside Wat Rong Khun, here in Chiang Rai, are covered in some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve seen, by Chalermchai Kositpipat. Our print is inspired by his lotus and The Seed Of Life. Spirit Science has a great video on YouTube explaining Sacred Geometry to learn more about The Seed Of Life. Thank you Mugwort for bringing this vision to life! 
Why did you choose The Escape Movement to partner with for your first collection?
Apparently it’s been the Universal plan all along! I have been inspired by The Escape Movement’s message, their morals and their huge hearts since I discovered them on Queen St. in Toronto. One day I got the message that I was to reach out to the brand owner, Andrew, to ask for help creating a clothing line. I could feel the smile in his reply, turns out he had already been thinking about approaching me to work together and that “create a clothing line with Phoebe Dykstra” was currently displayed on his vision board!
What is your dream with this line?
​The dream is that everyone who manifests a piece, feels wrapped in hugs! They (you) ​will remember that you are special and that you can AND ARE making a difference!
Mission, raise our frequency to unconditional love… commence!
<3 Phoebe!



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